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How to INSTALL, login, and Join A CARROT CHALLENGE.

To join the challenge simply follow these 5 steps (<90 seconds):
  1. Search for "CARROT Wellness" app on the App store (or tap here, download, install, and start the app
  2. "Allow" to share your steps with CARROT by tapping on the activity tab "GET MY GOAL" and following instructions (Note: Androids need to use a Gmail account to count steps)
  3. Create a login on CARROT using your phone number (never have to remember passwords)
  4. Go to Settings -> Wellness Program-> Join the Wellness Program by using this email address: <<Email>>.  Tap on the confirmation link sent to the email.
  5. Go to <<Organization>> tab and tap on the top reward to get details of the challenge then tap "join" (and at the bottom).  Note: For users that do not have a Metropark email domain, please allow 5-10 minutes to register before joining the challenge.
Your CARROT personal goal is based on your walking history with your phone or wearable.  So open CARROT each day to know how many steps you need to achieve your goal.  To share your steps data with CARROT each day you simply open the app.